Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make a reservation with Planet?

You can make reservations directly online in real time. We accept reservations for sedans as soon as 30 minutes from pick-up time in Manhattan. For the other boroughs please allow 1 hour. Click here to reserve a vehicle. For web reservations for all other vehicles and out of town pick-ups you must allow 4 hours before the reservation time. Please remember if you need a car ANYWHERE in less time please call reservations at 1-800-805-9251.

You will receive a confirmation number for online reservations immediately upon submitting a reservation.

For reservations needed in less than a hour please call our reservation department at 1-800-805-9251.

Most of the time there is only a fifteen minute wait for sedans.

All reservations may also be made by calling our reservation department at 1-800-805-9251.

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What area does Planet Limousine cover?

Planet Limousine is a chauffeured ground transportation company providing Lincoln Town Cars, stretch limousines and other specialty types of vehicles. Located in New York City, Planet services the New York metropolitan Tri- State area. We can transport you or your client’s to or from any destination that you wish any day or time of the year.

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What are the way’s to reserve a vehicle with Planet Limousine?

We accept accounts from both corporate and individual clients. Corporate accounts can be directly billed to a master account or their employee’s can have a credit card account. We feature customized billing that can meet any client’s needs.

Private individuals can open a credit card account that is billed on a weekly basis.

Any individual may pay cash if they like but must have a credit card to secure the reservation.

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What billing and account information can I access online?

All clients may access all billing information for their account. This would include statements, invoices and the ability to print vouchers and receipts.

Please call our billing department at 516-354-1352 to set up web account access for your company, credit card or personal account.

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What forms of payment are accepted at Planet Limousine?

Planet accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover, Diners Club, or American Express. Cash or Traveler’s Checks are also accepted though a credit card must be given at the time of the reservation. The credit card will only be charged if the customer does not make the cash payment.

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Who are Planet’s clients?

Planet was founded in 1998 and has grown quickly over the last 8 years. Our clients are people that need to know that they are going to get where they need to go. They are business people and vacationer’s that have come to rely on Planet for all of their ground transportation needs.

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Is it safe to provide my credit card information on Planet Limousine’s website?

Yes. Your credit card information is encrypted and transmitted via our secure server.

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What is Planet’s rate structure?

Planet has a flat rate structure for airport transfers and flat rates for all destinations for all sedans.

Hourly rates will be quoted for all other vehicles

Vehicles may be hired to go As Directed on an hourly basis in Manhattan for a minimum of two hours.

Remember, unlike other companies there is no surcharge for night or holiday pick-ups except for New Years Eve.

Click Here to see airport transfer fees or hourly charges for various vehicles.

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Can I change or cancel a reservation through

Yes, providing the a car has not been assigned by our dispatcher.

If a car has been assigned you must call our reservations department at 1-800-805-9251 in order to cancel or change a reservation.

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What kind of vehicles can I reserve?

You may order online all types of vehicles on the web. Remember that for sedan reservations in Manhattan you must allow 30 minutes. In the other boroughs please allow 1 hour. For other types of vehicles and out of town reservations you must allow 4 hours notice.

If you require a vehicle more quickly please call our reservation department at 1-800-805-9251.

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What other types of services does Planet offer?

Planet offer's clients the luxury of planning and co-ordinating all special events that your company or group may have.

We have been planning Christmas parties, weddings, proms, outings and other events for over 8 years.

Please call our reservation department at 1-800-805-9251 to schedule your event.

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What is Planet’s cancellation policy for luxury sedans?

In order not to be charged for a scheduled ride, a cancellation must be received a minimum amount of time before the reservation time. NOTE: Cancellations cannot be made online.

There is no charge for a cancelled pick-up in Manhattan if 15 minutes notice is given.

All outer borough pick-ups must be cancelled at least 45 minutes before pick-up.

On all out of town pick-ups at least 1-hour notice must be given. 2 hours plus notice is required for all pick-ups over 40 miles from Manhattan depending on where the pick-up is.

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What is Planet’s No Show policy?

A No Show occurs when a reservation is made, there is no cancellation, and no pick up occurs

There is a $19.00 ‘No-Show’ charge on any pick-ups in Manhattan not cancelled within the proper time.

Boroughs, Airports and out of town pick-ups will be charged full price if proper notice is not given for cancellation.

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What is Planet’s Wait Time policy?

The charge for Wait Time is $12.00 per 15 minutes or $48.00 per hour. There is a grace period provided as follows:

In Manhattan the grace period is 10 minutes from scheduled pick-up time.

At the airports we allow ½ hour grace period.

After the grace period has elapsed, wait time is charged from the time of the reservation for all pick ups except at airports in which case the wait time is charged after the elapsed period.

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What is Planet’s Stop Charge policy?

For jobs with multiple destinations, there are stop charges. Stop Charges are as follows:

Multiple stops out of town are priced as full price to the furthest destination and half the price to any stop on the same route.

Stops within the boros are $20.00

Stops for out of town destinations within the same town are $30.00

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What does Planet charge for package delivery?

There is a $5 package delivery charge per package. Additional packages with different drop off locations will be charged $5 per package plus the additional stop charge.

Any parking or tolls will be billed in addition to these charges.

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What is the telephone usage fee?

All vehicles are equipped with cellular telephones. Passengers will be charged $2 per minute for calls placed in the continental and $3 per minute for international calls.

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