Our Fleet

The Planet fleet includes a wide range of vehicles including Lincoln Town Cars and Lincoln Mkt's, Toyota Avalon and Camry Hybrids and Nissan Altima's, sports utility vehicles (SUV'S), limousines, exotic limousines, luxury vans and mini-busses. The sedans are the keystone of our fleet and are available with little notice. Prices quoted are primarily for this car. Generally, all other vehicles are available at a premium with 24-hour notice.

Luxury Sedans & Hybrid Sedans

Lincoln Town Cars, Cadillacs and Toyota avalon and Camry Hybrids are the vehicles most corporate clients and individuals request.

Towncars and Lincoln Hybrid Mkt's

Lincoln Town Cars and Mkt's carry  carries up to four passengers with up to four pieces of luggage each.

Toyota Avalon and Camry Hybrid Sedans and Nissan Altima Hybrid Sedans

Toyota Avalon, Camry Hybrids, and Nissan Altima's are the vehicles many corporate clients and individudals request. It carries up to three passengers with up to two pieces of luggage each.

These cars are enviromentally friendly, getting over 40MPG and leaving a low carbon footprint in the atmosphere.



Limousines are a luxurious and comfortable way to travel. They offer a number of amenities including an optional bar, TV, stereo sound system, and moon roof. The stretch limousine comes in six, eight, ten and twelve passenger models. All limousines can be equipped with your choice of beverages. The client is responsible for any damage and will be charged accordingly and given a receipt for the damages.


Sport Utility Vehicles

Sports utility vehicles such as the Navigator and Suburban and MKT's are a popular choice for larger groups, outings and special events


Vans & Luxury Vans

Vans can accommodate up to 15 passengers with carry-on luggage or up to 11 passengers with normal sized luggage



A mini bus, can accommodate from 21 to 24 passengers. Some models offer a TV with VCR, stereo, wide back chairs with arm rests, extra wide and tall windows and plenty of room for luggage.