Account Information

General Information

Online Account Access - For Currently Active Accounts

Please call our accounting department at 1-516-354-1352 for a temporary password to access and print your billing information, vouchers and current and past orders.

Corporate and individual accounts are welcome at Planet Limousine Limousine. To apply for an account, please complete the online or print application and forward it to Planet Limousine. We will be happy to open an account for you immediately.

Corporate Direct Bill Account >> Download
Corporate Credit Card Account >> Download
Individual Credit Card Account >> Download

Corporate and Individual Accounts
Any individual may open an account by providing a credit card which we will keep on file in our secured system. Each ride will be charged to that credit card. Statements will be mailed to the individual on a weekly basis. Corporations can either be either invoiced or may charge rides to credit cards. Corporations that use credit cards can either provide a master credit card for all rides or provide individual cards for each employee. We can link all individual credit cards to a master account for usage reports for a client.
If you would prefer a direct bill account we will invoice you every 2 weeks. All statements will contain detailed information for each ride along with a copy of the voucher signed by the passenger.

Customized Invoicing
To help companies manage their transportation costs, Planet Limousine can customize your reports in any manner you choose. Specifically:

  • Department Number- we can get a department number when taking the reservation and send separate invoices by department number.
  • Client/Case Code/Matter Number---Whatever you call the account to which the ride is to be charged, we can capture this data at the time of the ride, show it on your invoice and make your administration easier.
  • Planet Limousine can e-mail an spreadsheets in most formats with your data which can streamline your administration of these costs.
  • This can be provided in addition to the printed mailed invoice.
  • With our on-line access you can download your account information at any time.

Account Charges
Planet Limousine charges a $5 processing fee to cover the cost of administration for each job performed by Planet Limousine in addition to the ride charges. There is also a 3% workers' compensation charge on the total cost of each ride which is contributed to a state mandated Drivers' Workers' Compensation Fund, 2.50 Airport Fee charged by the Port Authority and NYS Sales tax and NYC congestion Fee of 2.50