The following are the protocols that have been enacted for the safety of our clients and drivers.



1- All drivers must wear face masks and gloves at all times.

2- Drivers must clean and sanitize the car before starting the day and after every passenger drops off.

3- Sanitizing includes the inside of the car, all door handles and windows.

4- Drivers must drive with the windows half open.

5- No vouchers are given to the passengers and no money is allowed to be exchanged.

6- Drivers have been told to only say a greeting and to keep their face forward at all times.

7- Each driver is spoken to by video (facetime, etc) before his first trip every day by our staff and question on how they and their families feel.

8- Drivers are not allowed to handle passengers luggage either by putting in the trunk or out.

9- Drivers do not provide water or any other item to a passenger.

10- Planet does no shared rides.


1- All passengers must wear face masks and gloves.

2- No passenger may sit in the front seat.

3- We ask that all passengers handle their own luggage in and out of the vehicle.

                                                                  Contact Tracing

Planet no longer accept rides from anyone that does not have an existing account with us.

We keep a daily record of all information on every trip our drivers take and know exactly who has been in that car at all times.

All office contact with drivers is done by phone, text or e-mail, mail and ACH including trip reports and the payment of checks to the drivers.

Planet has been operating throughout the crisis and has transported over 5000 passengers since March and has not had a single occurrence of Covid to any passenger, driver or employee.

We look forward to your continued business with Planet as is needed and we are here to make sure that all are safe and are comfortable with the measures we have taken.